7 billion people under mind control / Demo 2017

by Lighting Mind Frequency

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Recorded and mixed at No Way Studio by Grug during summer 2016.
Now released on CDs and tapes.


released October 28, 2016




Lighting Mind Frequency Bologna, Italy


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Track Name: Electropunx
I manage time in sync and ride polarity , playin my game of joy
recharge: i'm the universe generator of energy

Cos i’m still playin with Elektropunx!

My weapon is a wave , cannot taste it with senses , but you can feel (it)
it's a sound wave ! take (it) inside, see how dreams matter.

That's why im still playin with Elektropunx!
Track Name: Fear
There are some days you feel so weak, and you sleep till late.
Those days you know you failed, and your life's a waste.
You'd just hide yourself in your shelter of misery, and never join again this world of greed and shame.

Push paranoias away,
'cause the answer is still the same:
"Never let someone stop your wish to be free!"

So try to make your day as you prefer
don't work or do it, who cares, just never betray
dumpster dive, re-use, recycle, or even steal,
it's no worth to waste your life just because of your fear.
Track Name: The Illuminati Agenda (7 billion people under mind control)
" An illusion it will be, so large, so vast, it will escape their perception.
Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.
We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.
We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy."

" Death will come to he who speaks.
Fear is our weapon.
(We 'll) establish their governments and opposites within.
We'll own both sides.
(We'll) always hide our aim but carry out our plan (behind) "

7 Billion People Under Mind Control ; but isn't you...right?!

" They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil.
We'll keep them separated from the Oneness . they will keep on fighting
by dogma , religion and drugs
We will make them kill each other , when it suits us. "

7 Billion People Under Mind Control ; but isn't you...right?!
Track Name: Hack the Matrix
Not so hard to get out of this shit
it's all about dream control , babe
and rage is just a shield
to keep 'em safe

I'm proud & loud and looking at your pain again
you see me laughing hard,
my heart still bleeds for your disease
Resignation, sad feelings make you repeat the same old schemes

Don't you feel so fuckin' sick?
Make a wish and create dreams
Manage dreams!Create!...and die for them!

No fake in my lifestyle brother , i don't care
I do what i want in the fuckin daylight!
Satisfaction brings me energy for what i dream & then realise

And now i'm right!
now i'm wrong!
now i'm all!
manage 'em both!
Track Name: Hate
I run through
your old bloody
races of pain
troubling my head inside out
and i found out
that's not my thought

(Won't make me more feel) HATE

now i know the game
it' s only me,
I manage the chances
you throw the bone and disappear
my head wil no longer be polluted by your fears

(Won't make me more feel) HATE
Track Name: Party Boat
Some people go in discoshit, some people they just smoke some weed,
i wanna to play with kids , oh yeah!

Marconcio is talkin about his prick,
Ernesto is playn with some chick
and I'm in the right place to sail on a

-- Party boat bring us away --

I'm gonna find my friends to speech
but Modi is beggin at my knees,
I think im breakin down by speed

My love ain t got a face no more,
my love she ain t got a brain no more,
my love keeps my heart pumpin on!

--Party boat bring us away --

Flux of dogs Flux of dogs,
you seem the only ones who feel my
TrashEndental Love...
Track Name: Damage is Done
Well you're born, you got this life,
You start to experience what you want,
but "cause&effect relation"
is something you've never been told.

And now the damage is done!
The damage is fu-fu-fu-fu-fucking done!

Now you're grown but it's not too late,
something else can still be learned,
there's no bad effects you will take,
from having fun and rock'n'roll!

And now the damage is done!
The damage is fu-fu-fu-fu-fucking done!
Track Name: LMF

it s a fact of wisdom , man!
and it s like my irreverence...
it s a fact of magic, man!
and it s great my irreverence!!!

Everytime i dream a world of wisdom liberty
I dont care if you re stucked in a thought of static anarchy

ESCAPE dont replicate CREATE old schemes of need
You never waste time doin' something trhilling and new!

666 Lightning Mind Frequency